Sea to Shore Seafood Co.
Contact: Chelsea and Peter Keutmann
Address: 4283 Van Horn Ln Bellingham, WA, 98226
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About Us
Sea to Shore is a small scale, direct-to-consumer fishing company. Our products are caught, sourced and sold by the fisherman, for the fisherman. Our fish we catch and sell come off our 38' combo fishing vessel named, "Eric" that was built in 1964. We harvest our product around the waters of Petersburg, Alaska on the lands that were previously inhibited by the Tlingit people. All of our product we catch and source are from small boat fisherman who harvest seafood from the bodies of water around Alaska. Every product we sell under our brand is closely monitored by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, whose sustainability practices have become an example for many other states to follow. Everything we sell can be traced back to its source. We believe you should know where your food comes from, and the story of how that fish made it from the Sea, to the Shore.
Sea to Shore is not just, “Another seafood company”. Here, we do things differently. We are a quality over quantity-based seafood company, that holds the fisherman in the highest esteem. We started out as a husband and wife fishing team, catching and delivering an unrivaled quality seafood product. We had an ethical vison to honor every fish that came onboard our small boat. We attained this vision by practicing the highest quality handling practices and striving to reach a zero-waste model, essentially utilizing the majority of every fish we caught. We quickly realized there was a higher demand for seafood held in this higher regard than we could solely offer. This gave us the determination and drive to start our passion project; helping other fisherman direct market their catch. After growing up watching fisherman struggle to make ends meet, we made a vow to help. We take great pride in educating our fellow fisherman with quality handling practices, helping outfit their small boats with equipment as well as pay a premium for their seafood we source. We are excited to bring our story, as well as the stories of other fisherman out into the world, helping bridge the gap of traceability in our current food chain.