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Being a producer cooperative, we are committed to making our operation work for the farmers, bakers, and artisans who own and participate in New Day. We’re careful about adding new businesses even when they have slightly different products because we want our platform to be worthwhile to the producers who commit to bringing fresh product week after week.

But local produce is sparse this time of year and we want to provide you with enough variety to delight you. We’re ordering this produce from a local farmers’ coop to fill in some gaps. We won't order anything that our own producers can provide, and we’ll use it as a short-term stop gap rather than a long-term plan. Let us know if there's anything specific you'd like to see!
Farmstand Local Foods envisions a food system based on equity for eaters and producers alike, where buyers source their food from farmers whom they know and trust. We partner with local small-scale producers who are committed to using regenerative growing practices and we work to build connections with Seattle’s innovative culinary and food access communities.

Our marketplace simplifies the local food purchasing process for buyers at restaurants, caterers, commissaries, food trucks, culinary educators, institutions, retail grocers, childcare centers, and other wholesale buyers. We provide sales and marketing support, rural aggregation, and convenient consolidated delivery to decrease the heavy cost and time burdens associated with self-distribution. Our efficient logistics enable us to provide the freshness you associate with farm-direct deliveries - almost all produce is harvested fresh within 24 hours of delivery!