Contact: Sandra Bocas and Fiona Douglas-Hamilton
Address: PO BOX 11396 Olympia, WA, 98508
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Phone: 360-529-2662
About Us
HOTSAUCEfresh dba HOTBABE-HOTSAUCE is a small batch processor based in Tumwater, Thurston county founded on a simple premise - to use fresh and organically grown ingredients with no gums or artificial ingredients, so you can enjoy good health and the delicious Heat with Flavor tastes of our Caribbean style and seasonal hot sauces, as if they had come from your own family's kitchen. We bring you the tastes of the Caribbean without the travel. Our passion for quality starts with our hot peppers, the seeds of which we source true-varietal. By working with a local greenhouse grower we control how our peppers are grown (organically) and when they are picked (= heat and flavor). In addition to our signature fresh Caribbean hot sauce (HotBabe-HotSauce) we have created exotic tastes of the Caribbean inspired by Sandra's Trinidadian roots (Trini Hot, Scotch Bonnet Mustard and the super spicy Chillin' n Grillin'). We believe quality food starts with eating seasonally. We produce three seasonal hot sauces made from fruits of the season (Mango Spice for the summer, Sweet Quince for the fall and Winter Solace - cranberry, orange and fermented habanero)
We purchase all our ingredients organically grown and wherever possible we create relationships with local farmers and growers to supply specific ingredients.