Growing Things Farm
Contact: Michaele Blakely
Address: 27307 NE 100th St Carnation, WA, 98014
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Phone: 425-691-8669
About Us
Growing Things Farm was established in 1991. We are located in the scenic Snoqualmie Valley nestled on the Snoqualmie River. We make wonderful soaps, salves, and balms using milk from our goats and herbs we grow on the farm. All of our batches are small and lovingly made, because we know they are being used by people who care about the environment and their health. We've been selling our products for a few years now at farmers markets and by popular demand have finally opened an online store. We know you will love our products — enjoy!
We believe in living our lives in harmony with the rest of our world with as little harmful impact as possible. We work to be good stewards of the land so that we leave this planet a better place for the generations to come. We value all varieties of life on earth and we raise our animals in a responsible and considerate manner.

After decades of being good stewards of the land and growing nutrient-rich organic food, we now bring our philosophy to body products. Our bodies deserve the purest ingredients possible. As the largest organ of the body, the skin transports whatever we put on it into the bloodstream in just seconds — so it is important to keep toxins away! Plus the scents are heavenly and are a treat for the senses!