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Owned by Vendors, Fueled by Community. 

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We’re a grocery home delivery service owned and operated by your favorite local and mission-driven producers. Like a farmers market at your doorstep, New Day brings you the freshest food around while keeping your buying power in the community.   


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We deliver to the Greater Seattle Area (as far north as Lynnwood and as far south as Burien) as well as the Eastside, with expanded delivery areas coming soon! Please reach out if your address is not included in our delivery area so we know where to bring our services next! 

 We charge a flat $10 delivery fee. 

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We're growing and so are our offerings! Visit our Product List to see what Our Producers have in stock this week. 


Cooperative partnership is a new (and also very old) way of doing business. Coop members share a common goal--in our case, providing staples for our community. Our member-businesses pool resources like delivery infrastructure and ordering logistics. This collaboration gives us extra time and energy to focus on things that matter, like cooking and farming and spending time with our families.  

More for you, more for us.  



We want to partner with like-minded producers and we want to bring our customers as much variety and value as we can, but we don’t want to bring in too much too fast. 

 So we’re adding members slowly and carefully. Our board makes ongoing decisions based on how we’re growing. We try to limit competition and we’d rather add new producers and their products in a category where our offerings are sparse.  

We can’t store much inventory, especially of refrigerated and frozen products, so most of our producers deliver to our Shoreline location every Friday, based on pick tickets that go out on Thursdays at noon.

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